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June 4, 2007

Hello world!

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Well…this should be interesting. I hope so anyway! I am thinking that this may be a good vehicle for communicating- better than email certainly- and a way to share a whole variety of  things. It is also visually much more appealing than blackboard:)

It is summer at Vermont Tech and so things in Student Support are pretty quiet. A good time to start new projects and tidy up loose ends on others. I have a list- I always have a list- and blogging was on it:) I have a lot to learn though. We shall see how I progress! I am also going to be taking a class in School Finance- part of beginning graduate school- and need to learn about your new tablet PC.

I have been working on the paperwork for Opportunity Day, an introduction to assistive technology that Student Support sponsors every year. We-I- invite all the students who placed into English 1042 and below to a daylong workshop where we talk about transition, organization and -of course- Assistive Technology stuff. We introduce students to Dragon Naturally Speaking, Read Write Gold, using PDA’s and a host of other things. We also do some team building and share a meal. I have been previewing videos as well and will be putting together a presentation on using the Tablet PC.  I will likely have more to say about that as time goes by.

Thinking about transitions…our family is going through a big one this year. Elder daughter has graduated from college and has moved- at least for the year- to Oregon. The younger child is happily working an internship as a Civil Engineer before he returns for his senior year in the fall. I soooo understand how other parents feel- we have been together for so long and you just cannot imagine what it is like to have all that change. Fun-and I am proud to bursting of both of them- but disconcerting nonetheless. I am full of understanding for parents who are nervous about sending their kids off to strange new places. I know in my heart and head that they will be fine- my gut just needs a moment to catch up.

Anyway- this is probably enough for now.  Until next time…


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