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January 29, 2008

We are living in exponential times…

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There are several versions of this video floating around You Tube…

They have essentially the same script but I like the presentation of this particular version. I am especially struck by the phrase “We live in exponential times” So often we head along through the daily routines of our lives and never really stop to think just how remarkable those lives have become- and the things we are capable of doing. The possibilities are endless- but the responsibility is mind boggling. I am humbled- and just a little nervous.

Along with the philosophical musings…I have a resource to share today as well. We all need to look words up occasionally. Paper dictionaries- and I have several in my office- rapidly become outdated. (factoid from the video- 5 times more words than in Shakespeare’s time-whew) They are also frequently NOT where we are when we need them. Online dictionaries are almost always up to date- but I am not a big fan of doing lots of reading online… So, enter the visual dictionary, Visuwords. This is an extraordinarily useful site. Type a word in to the search box and immediately and word web appears with definitions, synonyms, antonyms, parts of speech, whatever you might want to know-and some things you may not have thought of. There is enough information to keep even the most rigorous grammarian happy, and it is simple enough to read that those who need a speedy resource will come back again and again. Well worth bookmarking!


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