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April 15, 2008

We have a website!

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Our school (Vermont Technical College) uses Blackboard as it’s content management system. Blackboard has a lot of advantages- it is fairly flexible and not too hard to figure out how to use. If you are teaching a class, you can post a great deal of content and assignments and tests and other course related stuff, and if you choose to use it, there is a place where you can store that stuff to reuse. It is not, however, very appealing visually and for us (Academic Support Services), it requires a significant amount of gymnastics to meet our needs. We -me actually- have been working on developing a more inviting web presence that would also allow us to post things like podcasts and video. And now we have it! Welcome to the Academic Support Services Website at Vermont Technical College! We are so excited- or at least I am anyway. The rest of the office tends to get that “oh, here she goes again” look when I bring it up…but too bad for them. The sun is out, my flowers are up (though I still have snow) and the website is LAUNCHED!

Many thanks to the good folks at WebNode for creating this wonderful, intuitive and free resource- much like the wonderful people here  at WordPress, that newbies and non-programmers like myself can use!




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