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June 13, 2008

Again I am amazed…

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Amazement Number One: I have been -sporadically anyway- working on this blog for just over a year. As I look back over my posts, I can see that I like telling stories and sharing tools the best…there are a few posts with some philosophical rambling but most of them are reasonably informative. I wish I could get here more frequently though. I am working on that.

Amazement Number Two:The Sound of Learning

 This is a remarkable story that would not have been possible as little as five years ago. I post it for two reasons. One is just the inspiration value- Albano is clearly a determined young man who is willing to do whatever it takes to get himself to where he wants and needs to be. It would almost impossible not to find his grit inspiring. The second reason-and perhaps the most important- is the “example to instructors” value…Edutopia has done an excellent job with universal design on this page. There is the video, there is an article, AND there is a transcript of the video for the visually impaired. As we move more and more into using technology like videos and recordings of lectures to support student learning, I continue to advocate for proactive planning around this. We are a technical school- there is no good reason for us to behave reactively instead of proactively around all access.




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