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June 17, 2015

Randomly Rambling…

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Random thoughts on a pretty day…

  1. My office is clean. I mean, really clean. I have emptied drawers, dusted, sorted out bookshelves and gotten a good start on digitalizing files…if it needed doing, I dug in and did it. Some of this is a function of time- the students are gone and the summer session here is never so demanding as the semester. I had some personal challenges with an elderly parent that have resolved themselves and my post GBS stamina seems to be back, finally. All good stuff that is allowing me to destress my workplace environment, if only for a moment.
  2. I am learning a new skill. My family bought me a new camera for Mother’s Day- a good one, not my phone or the Sports Illustrated freebie that I have used in the past. Scenery and flowers are coming along well. Action shots…well, we won’t talk about that just yet. I love learning new stuff.
  3. I went to an amazing TKD testing with some of my favorite Masters on deck demonstrating their expertise Saturday, including Master Amy L. who, besides being fabulous, is a power chair user. I am still awestruck by her grace and guts, and by the Grand Masters capacity to not see her chair as a limitation, and while I am terrified about my own impending 3rd Dan testing in February, I am more hopeful.
  4. This blog has languished post GBS. I regret that, though I do not think I could have changed the situation. A goal is to get it back to being regular and current. I have always been a believer in regular professional reflection and am happiest when I am actively reflecting. It has been too long since I took the time.
  5. I think I will never completely understand parents who are afraid to allow their children the satisfaction that comes from trying, failing, and trying again until they get it. How else did we learn to walk for crying out loud? We fell down, a lot! Failing often, in reasonably safe spaces (though they feel pretty risky to us at the time :)) is how we develop mastery. When we cushion our offspring too much, what we communicate is really that we do not think they are safe out there without us. Not the message I wanted for me, not the one I wanted for my kids. Certainly not what I want to communicate to the students I work with.
  6. Technology often creates as many challenges as it solves.

Now…I am going to take a walk with my camera on this pretty day, and take some photos.



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