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August 13, 2013

Welcome back!

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It is no big secret to anyone who knows me that I’m a perpetual student. I love school. I especially love the first day of school. Everything seems so clean and new and full of possibilities. It is easily my favorite time of year.

On Monday, classes will begin for the fall semester.  The students are fresh from summer break, the faculty has had some time off (or at least most of them have had some time off) and everyone is ready to roll.  There is  so much to do that it occasionally seems overwhelming, but we will get through. I am looking forward to this year. We had a marvelous group of students during Summer Bridge, and while some of them will certainly struggle, I think they have what it takes. I have sent out my first letter to the faculty talking about the changes in assistive technology that we have made this year. I am excited about them, I think that they will provide good service for students and for faculty all across all our campuses. I am looking forward to the conversations that I will be having with the faculty assembly about accessibility and how important it is in course design. I just want to get under way I think,I think. Welcome back everyone!



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